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Youth Day 2009
Greater New Mt Zion
Baptist Church
GNMZ’s youth celebrated Jesus all day long
during our Annual Youth Day. From 8:00 am
to 6:30 pm, our youth led devotion, danced,
sang, marched, played musical instruments,
and more.   They showed us how they were
stepping up in God’s Kingdom.
GNMZ’s praise team led the worship even higher with
“God is Good all the time and All the time God is good."

Brother Matt, our worship leader for the Evening Service,
noticed a pattern that was happening during the course of
Youth Day.  The pattern was this:
"all the praise and worship seemed to
point to the fact that 'God is good'.”
Pure and Holy, Tried and True.”
One of our very own
youth, Sister Natalie,
gave the message for
the early morning
“Hour of Power”
service.  She provided
examples of how God
has been faithful to
her during her life.
The 11:00am Word was delivered by Rev. Lonnie
Coleman, the Youth Minister at Greater Corinth Baptist
Church. His message was from II Kings 7:3-9, and it
was entitled,
“When God Intervenes.”   
II Kings 7:3-9 told us about the lepers that had to “step
out on faith” in times of famine. Rev. Coleman told us
that “when God says go, go,” because when the lepers
moved at twilight, their enemies left at twilight.  
Our 11:00 am worship
leader, Brother Chris,  
continued to remind us
that “God is God all
the time and all the
time God is Good.”  He
even presented a little
humor with a  story
called “Where is God?”
Sanae & Shabazz, chair and co-chair
of Youth Day
And who can forget the
anointed Mime Ministry of SOM.
(Sons on a Mission).  Without
uttering one word, they poured
out their souls with all of their
might when they mimed to the
song “I won’t complain.”  It was
a beautiful illustration of
“stepping up in God’s kingdom.”
Take back what the devil stole from you!!  

Rev. Cobbs, our messenger for the evening
service, delivered the Word from Psalm 34;
he advised the youth that as they head
back to school, don’t forget to
“Pack Your
 He pointed out to us that King
David’s praise to the Lord was
“Intentional”.  He told us to just “Praise Him
just because he is Good.”