GNMZ's Women's Day 2008
Theme:  Unwrap Your Gift and Use It. (Romans 12:6)
Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether
prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith.
Welcome Address

The welcome address,
given by Sister Strong,
was presented with
sincere love and
Sister Strong
emphasized to the
church that at GNMZ,
the Son, the S-O-N,
does shine.
Slideshow Presentation

A Slideshow presentation was shown to the
church; it honored many of the past and
present Women of GNMZ.  It was good to see
some of the women who paved the way for
the women of GNMZ today.
The message for the early morning service was
presented by Sister Hemphill.  Her message came from
1 Cor 12:4,6 and  Jeremiah 8:20.  She advised us to step
out of our gift boxes and teach the world that God is real.  
She continued by telling us to join together with our
different gifts and reach out to the unsaved. She posed
the question, “Is your gift still wrapped up in a bow, sitting
there looking pretty?” She also reminded us of the
Greatest Gift Himself, Jesus Christ. And who can forget
her dynamic rundown of the names of the Almighty:
El Shaddai- All Sufficient
Jehovah Jireh – Our Provider
Jehovah Rapha - Our Healer
Jehovah Nissi – Our Banner
Jehovah Shalom – Our Peace
The Alpha and Omega,The Bright and Morning Star
Rose of Sharon, Lily of the Valley.Savior and Lord.
Women’s Day 2008 Chairpersons:
1st Lady Sharon and Sister Evelyn
GNMZ’s choir and Rainbow of Praise dance
team joined together in song and dance,
proclaiming to the Lord, “Lord, You are Holy.”
Tribute Given to the Women

Sister Barnes gracefully and elegantly
gave a heart-felt tribute to the Women
of GNMZ.   She named several of
GNMZ’s mothers of Zion, as well as
other women, praising them for their
faithfulness.  Her scriptural reference
came from the 40th chapter of the
Book of Isaiah. “But they that wait
upon the LORD shall renew their
strength; they shall mount up with
wings as eagles; they shall run, and
not be weary; and they shall walk, and
not faint.”  
GNMZ’s worship leader,
Sister Franklin, just simply
redefined the role of
worship leader.  She truly
led the worship. She
worshipped, sang,
preached, worshipped
some more, raised holy
hands, shouted,
performed a
gospel rap
, and then
worshipped some more
Congratulations, Sis. Mooney.
Sister Higgs presented the “Diva of the Year”
award to Sister Mooney.   Sister Mooney was
shocked as she came forward to receive the
honor.  Sis Mooney was praised for overcoming
strong obstacles in life to become a strong,
powerful, praying, and anointed woman of God.  
In accepting the “Diva of the Year” award, Sister
Mooney boldly declared, “I have got to give God
the glory.

Sister Higgs presented the “Woman of the
Year” award to Sister Standley.  Sister
Standley was speechless as she humbly
accepted the title, giving God all the glory.
The Soloist, Sister Smith, came
before the congregation, lifted up
her voice and the atmosphere just
changed.  Her voice became a
musical instrument, playing
heavenly notes to the tune of
“Father, I stretch my hands to
Thee.”   Her voice truly set waves in
the atmosphere, piercing the souls
of many, causing tears and moans
of relief throughout the
After all the praising and worshipping that was done during the
Morning Worship, Sister Wilkinson, stood fully charged before the
podium to present the Word. She began by stating, “I’m standing
before you but the sermons have already been preached!”  Sister
Wilkinson presented the message from Matthew 25:14-30.  She, like
Sister Hemphill, posed some questions to the congregation.  “What
have you done with your gift?”  “Can God trust you with your Gift?”
She reminded us that gifts are given by the Holy Spirit, and that God
demonstrates His love by giving gifts.  She became full of joy and was
charged when she proclaimed,

  “Early Sunday morning, my Gift rose up!”

She noted that there are three reasons that gifts are given:
a) to Glorify God  b) to Edify the Church  3) to Encourage the Saints
The Women of GNMZ demonstrated style in their praise and worship, as well as their hats and shoes.
Future Woman of Zion
Mothers of Zion Corner
(just a few of our mothers)
Mother Godfrey, simply beautiful!
Mother Hardeman, full of wisdom
Mother Jarmon, full of strength
Mother Pullin, a vessel of grace
Click below to view
Is Your Gift Still Wrapped Up In A Bow, Looking Pretty?
What Have You Done With Your Gift?
Worship Session Held at GNMZ
GNMZ’s Praise

GNMZ’s praise team
clearly confirmed their
standing in Christ when
they sang with
affirmation “Yeeees, I’m
a believer.”  They also
dedicated a song to the
people who were
affected by Hurricane
Ike, some of whom are
worshipping with us
from the Beaumont and
Port Arthur areas.
The Song That Set Waves
In The Atmosphere
Woman of the Year....
Diva of the Year .....
Choir and Praise Dance Duo

Greater New Mount Zion Baptist Church                         Pastor Jesse T. Hardeman, Sr.                                         San Antonio, Texas
The Charge for Women’s Day 2009

If by chance you happened to miss GNMZ’s
Women’s Day this year, you might not want to
miss next years’; the charge for Women’s Day
powerful, anointed, spirit-led group of young
women who are running for the Lord.
We did it!
The Lord truly showed His grace and favor on Women’s Day 2008 at GNMZ.   We had an Awesome Women's Day.
GNMZ’s Mission Presidents
Mission I:        Sister Higgs  (center)
Mission II:        Sister English  (right)
Jr. Mission:        Sister D. Allen (left)
Altar Prayer at GNMZ

All of our girls and young ladies were requested to come down to
the Altar for prayer.  GNMZ prayed to God, petitioning Him to help
and protect our girls and young ladies in these times of trouble.  
Pastor, Rev. Jesse T. Hardeman, Sr.                                                                                   1407 N.W. 19th Street         San Antonio, TX  78207                                                                                            (210) 732-7809
                                         TO  GOD  BE  ALL  THE  GLORY!
To our Beaumont and Port Arthur visitors:
“Be encouraged.  Trust God. You can depend
on God to see you through.”