Pastor and Wife 24th Anniversary

"Congratuations Pastor Hardeman and 1st Lady Sharon."
"As it is written, ...How beautiful are
the feet of them that preach the gospel
of peace, and bring glad tidings of
good things!" (Romans 10:15B)
"And I will give you Pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding."    (Jeremiah
Pastor, Rev. Jesse T. Hardeman, Sr.                                            1407 N.W. 19th Street                                San Antonio, TX  78207                                     (210) 732-7809
Giving Honor where "Honor is Due"
A wise man save souls.
We had the privilege of celebrating  Pastor Hardeman and First Lady Sharon's 24th Anniversary at Greater New Mount Zion Baptist Church.   Our Pastor and First Lady
were escorted into the sanctuary by their Daughter, Grandchild, and Son-in-Law, while being serenaded by our very own Brother Mason.  Their Grandchildren and
God-Children did a special dance tribute to the song "Encourage Yourself."   Sis. Coy gave the Tribute to First Lady Sharon, while Sis. Anderson gave the Tribute to

Our Worship Leader, Deacon Batson added plenty of energy and excitement to the already uplifting celebration.   The choir blessed us with "He Lifted Me" and "It's Your
Season To Be Blessed."
Reverend Mills stopped by on his way to heaven to let us know that "Somebody cares."  He preached from Acts 3:1-5.  The message was entitled, "An everlasting lift."   
He reminded us that it doesn't matter who we are, we need a lift from the Lord.

Our guest soloist, Sister Fields sang our souls happy, and she let us know that "if you pray, something's bound to happen."  What a time.  What a time.  What a time.
We are a blessed Church.